Hardwood Refinishing in Bountiful, Utah

We’ve tackled so many hardwood refinishing projects in Bountiful we wouldn’t be able to count them all! We are a stone’s throw away from Bountiful since we are based out of Woods Cross. The wonderful residents of Bountiful are some of our very best clients and friends, and we’ve been servicing this area for 26 plus years.

Check out some of the projects we’ve completed in the Bountiful area:

Finish & Repair in Bountiful

Interesting facts about Bountiful, Utah

Perrigrine Sessions and his family founded Bountiful in 1847, although it was originally named North Canyon Ward and Sessions Settlement. The town was officially named Bountiful in 1855.

The name, Bountiful, either came from the bountiful yearly harvests or from the Book of Mormon city, the debate is ongoing.

Bountiful is home to about 44,000 residents. It’s situated between Centerville to the north and Woods Cross, West Bountiful and North Salt Lake to the west.

The city boasts two hospitals, 17 schools in the their district, and two private schools.

Bountiful houses a nice recreational center, South Davis Rec Center, where residents can enjoy ice skating, swimming, and health classes.