Removing a Wall? Ideas for Your Hardwood Flooring

Recently we worked on a home in Bountiful. The new homeowners had removed a couple of walls to open up the floorplan. One wall removed was the full length, removing one of the bedrooms on the main level and turning it into a formal dining area. Both the bedroom and the living room had the original hardwood flooring. However, once the wall was removed, we found the hardwood flooring slats did not match up. This happens quite often in older homes. Since we couldn’t weave in the area with new wood and have it match up correctly, we put in a six-inch wide transition piece going the other direction. The homeowners loved it.

The homeowners removed a wall but the hardwood slats didn’t match up. A transition piece helped to fill in the gap but to also give the new formal dining room a border.

The homeowners also removed the half wall bordering the stairs. They will add a railing instead and wanted a bullnose (or stairnose) going over the edge. In addition, the bullnose which was originally at the top of the stairs was hammered, so we replaced it as well.

We replaced the bullnose at the top of the stairs and installed bullnose along the side where a wall was removed.

If you are considering remodeling your home and don’t know how this will affect your hardwood flooring, let us come take a look. We can give you ideas and let you know what is and isn’t possible during a remodel project.

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