Stain Colors

One of the most exciting things about new hardwood floors or refinishing your existing hardwood floors is the fact that you can get a brand new color if your hear desires. Sand down to the natural color and leave it, lighten it up, darken it down, or do something in between.

Our favorite brand of stain is Bona. Not only because they offer vivid and timeless colors, but they are easy to apply and have less tendency to leave lap marks or other inconsistencies.

Bona provides for many standard colors shown below. These, of course, are just graphical representations. The actual color would vary based on your wood species type, the age of the wood, and several other factors. But, this will give you a good indication of how it will look once applied.

When we offer stain choices, we actually stain your wood after sanding so you can see how it will look in your area with your floor. Once you’ve chosen what you like best, we will sand off the examples and stain the whole floor.

Bona Brand Stain Color Chart

Jacobean, Provincial, and Antique Brown are probably the most popular stain colors. They are each a beautiful medium brown that will give your floor the timeless classic elegant look for years to come.

Trends are starting to favor the darker looks recently. Our darker favorite is Driftwood. It is a grey with a blue undertone. It really gives your floor the updated contemporary look some people are going for these days. You can see a floor we stained Driftwood for a family living in Highland, Utah, in our Projects section.

If you really like lighter stains, we can give your floor a whitewashed look using White or Birch. Check out a floor we refinished in Herriman, Utah, in our Projects section. We water popped the floor and lightened it using a custom color mix.

If you are looking for something different, we can custom mix any of these stain colors in any combination. Below you can get an idea of all the custom stain colors available using just the stain colors above.

A few notes about Staining:

Some stain colors (mainly the darkest and lightest) will need to be water popped prior to staining. This is a little extra cost, but the stain will be able to saturate the wood more and make the stain truer in color. Grey colors need a minimum of 24 hours to dry.

Have a custom color in mind that will give your home the updated look you’ve wanted? Give us a call!

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