Brazilian Cherry Refinish in Centerville

This homeowner didn’t like the orange/red color of the the natural Brazilian cherry color. Plus the finish had deepened the “orangey” color. If you want to install Brazilian Cherry, make sure you love the natural color of the wood. Some wood types such as Cherry, Walnut and Maple, although can be stained, are best left natural. These harder woods can be hard to stain (sometimes the stain is blotchy).

However, in the case of this homeowner, the home already had Cherry when it was purchased. In the end, the homeowner opted for the Natural look of the Cherry, not because they liked it but because there was no stain that they liked better that would cover up the red undertones. We used an oil-based Neutral stain as a sealer and water-based commercial traffic finish. Oil-based sealers bring out the rich tones of the darker woods and we recommend it for Cherry, Walnut, and Hickory when leaving them Natural.

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