Hickory Hardwood Install in Woods Cross

We installed about 550 sq ft of Hickory in a home in South Davis County. The home had previously had carpet and the homeowner wanted hardwood through out the main level of the home. They already had hardwood in the kitchen and dining area.

When we pulled up the carpet, we found the subfloor to be particle board. Particle board isn’t a good subfloor for hardwood because it chips and falls apart when staples are put through it. The hardwood may seem well nailed down, but over time the particle board will degrade and the staples will not hold anymore. Hence, a squeaky floor down the road. Once we pulled up the particle board and installed 5/8″ plywood, we were able to move forward with the install.

The homeowner chose 4″ Hickory with character (knots and designs throughout the wood). They also chose to stain it the color “Driftwood”. It turned out beautiful! Check out the pictures below on the progress and final outcome of this floor. The first set is the install. The second set is the sanding, and puttying. The third set is the water popping, stain application, and finish. The fourth set is the dry final floor showing off the beauty of the driftwood stain.

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