Laminate Repair in Layton

This Layton homeowner dropped her heavy mixer on the floor and dented two pieces of laminate. We removed the two pieces and replaced them. When a piece of hardwood or laminate gets damaged, it can be repaired without replacing the entire floor. If you need a repair done, give us a call.

Laminate Repair

When repairing laminate or hardwood flooring, the individual tongue & groove must be removed to get the plank into place. Therefore, the planks must be glued down.

Laminate Repair

Repair completed. The difference in color is simply the wear, tear, & dirt that may be on the original flooring. Over time, the difference will be less noticeable. Also, flooring which is in directly sunlight at least part of the day is subject to “ghosting”, where the original color changes over time.

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