Oak Restoration Refinish in Centerville

We were asked by a restoration company to sand and refinish a floor that had been damaged by a refrigerator ice maker that wasn’t installed correctly. (Many, many restoration jobs we do are because fridge and dishwasher water lines are not installed correctly and start leaking, even by qualified installers. If you get a new fridge or dishwasher, watch very carefully for the first week after installation to make sure the floor is still dry under these appliances.)

Since the homeowner had a stain on his floor previously, the insurance company is required to pay for the stain after sanding. They decided to change it up and go with a custom color rather than the Red Mahogany they had before. They chose to go with 3 parts Antique Brown and 1 part Grey. The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome. Because they chose a grey, we had to water pop this Red Oak floor to get a consistent color. Greys, whitewashes, and extra dark colors need water popping on all types of hardwood to get a good strong consistent color.

In addition, the homeowners opted to upgrade to a commercial traffic finish. Check out the pics.

(Keep in mind, your insurance only pays for your floor floor to get back to the original. In this case, the homeowner paid the upgrades for water popping and traffic finish out of their own pocket.)

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