Pergo Install in Lehi

This homeowner in Lehi totally rehabbed this small residence. They moved walls and the stairs. Their goal was to install new Red Oak and weave into the existing Red Oak that was present in the kitchen, living room, and entry. The challenge was that in addition to the new wood cost and the install cost, there was 30 linear feet of weaving that needed to be done. Their budget did not allow for the work to weave (or feather in) the new wood with the old.

After weighing all options, they we ahead and chose to cover the hardwood with Pergo Outlast flooring, a flooring product they had in a previous home.

Installing this over their existing floor allowed them to stay much closer to their original budget and gave them a waterproof flooring that will hold up better with their several young children. Down the road, they can always opt to pull up the Pergo and complete the hardwood install at their convenience.

The above images show the original hardwood and the additional subfloor which was added when they opted to go with the Pergo.

The Pergo Outlast waterproof laminate they chose for their flooring.

Above are a few pictures of the various stages of installation.

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