Recoat Hand Scraped Walnut Hardwood in Huntsville

Although hand scraped wood is beautiful, when it’s sanded you lose the hills and valleys of the scraping. In fact, more often than not we have to sand more than usual to even out the valleys of the scraped area. If you have hand scraped wood, please keep an eye on your finish. Make sure to do a recoat of your wood before the finish wears off to the point of having to sand it.

A recoat consists of a two-part cleaning system, buff and one coat of water-based commercial traffic satin finish. A recoat will help you get another 2+ years out of your floor. If you keep up your recoats, it could be years before you are forced to refinish a hand scraped floor.

To check your finish: Flick some water onto your floor (preferably where the finish is going dull or in the traffic areas). If the water stays in a bubble, then your finish is still ok. If the water spreads, then it’s time to do a recoat. If the floor is has definite areas of wear, perhaps seeing the floor starting to turn grey, then the floor is past the ability to do a recoat. A recoat will not fix visible wear or damage, it will only protect the damage from getting any worse.

The first image shows how dull the floor looked before the recoat.

Note: This walnut is a prefinished floor. Whether it’s prefinished or originally an unfinished solid hardwood, both can benefit from a recoat. We’ve even added a coat of finish after installing a prefinished floor just to give it extra protection.

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