Red Oak Hardwood Installation in Park City, UT

We had a homeowner whose 2nd home condo main floor in Park City already had Red Oak hardwood. They wanted to match it and add hardwood on their two flights of stairs as well as their second floor bedroom. We consulted with them while they were in town, then completed the work after they went home. They were able to come in the fall to see the final outcome and loved it. These homeowners were great to work with because they were always available by phone if we had a question. They also had picked their stain color (Bona Provincial) prior to leaving town and were happy with the final look.

We also added some custom thresholds to both the front and back door because their original thresholds were rotted due to consistent snow coming inside.

Per the homeowner’s request, instead of removing the trim, we added stained oak quarter round to hide the gaps around the walls. In some areas of the country, it is normal to add quarter round instead of removing and reattaching the trim. This is what the homeowners were used to, so we accommodated their preference.

When installing stairs that had carpet, you may need to do some touch up work to the skirts. You will see where the stair skirts are a difference color around the bullnose. The homeowners hired a painting contractor or handyman in their area to do the the touch up painting after these pictures were taken.

If you need a hardwood installation or refinish in Park City or the surrounding area, please contact us for a Free in-home bid.

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