Refinish in Midway

Homeowner requested we sand and refinish their Red Oak hardwood floors throughout the main living area of their Midway rental home in anticipation of selling the property.

Due to it being a rental, these floors were in serious need of some TLC. Instead of sanding once, we had to go over it four times to get all the cupping sanded smooth from floors that had mistreated. Cupping happens when water is left on the floor too long and boards start warping.

Even with the damage to the floors, after we got done with them, they looked as good as new.

Handsanding and edging to start. You can see how hammered the original floor was.

Another view of the original floor and the damage.

Floors in the kitchen and dining room area before we started sanding.

Floor after completely sanding and ready for stain.

Another room completed and ready for stain.

The homeowner chose “Medium Brown” stain. This was a picture while the finish was still wet.

If you would like your floors refinished in Midway, or any other area around the Salt Lake Valley, fill out the bid appointment request.

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