Refinish Red Oak in Kaysville

This Kaysville homeowner recently sold his home. Part of the sales agreement was that he would refinish the Red Oak hardwood flooring in the kitchen, dining, hallway, entryway, and window seat in the front room. The buyers requested a stain called “Gunstock” by Duraseal.

Gunstock is a medium red/brown color and stained very nicely. To make sure the stain set evenly and richly, we water popped the wood prior to staining.

If you are buying or selling your home and the hardwood floors need to be refinished, we are happy to work with the title company so the cost for refinish is paid at closing, with no out of pocket expense for you.

We can also plan to refinish the floors after the seller has moved out and before the buyers have moved in, not displacing anyone from the home during the process.

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