Hardwood Refinish & Repair in Bountiful

The homeowner removed a wall and wanted to weave in new wood to mesh the two rooms together. However, when the wall was removed, we found that the slats in one room didn’t match up with the other, so there was no way to weave them. Our solution was to install a wide header piece across the the opening. It turned out well and made a good border between the rooms.

We also included how the stair bullnose was worn and we replace the entire bullnose around the stairs to accommodate their new metal railing.

In the last image you can see the floor stained “nutmeg”, which is a medium brown with a slight yellow undertone. You can also see one of the planks is actually “quartersawn”. A quartersawn plank is where the wood is cut from the tree at a quarter angle and gives the flat part of the wood light, sparkly, short sections of texture. Quartersawn wood is more rare because only a certain amount of quartersawn pieces can be cut from the log. They show up occasionally in regular red oak or white oak stock, but if you like the look you can order quartersawn for your entire floor.

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