Repair & Refinish Hardwood in Clearfield, UT

We helped a father get the repairs and refinishing work done on his son’s newly purchased home in Clearfield, Utah. The home needed quite a bit of remodel since most of it still had original work. The original flooring was 1/2″ x 2″ solid Red Oak that needed some repairs and a good sanding. We weaved in the new wood in two areas.

As you can tell by the pictures, the original floors were pretty worn and probably had carpet over them for many years. Even though they were worn, a good sanding can make them look almost new again as long as there is a wear layer left to sand. However, we’ve found in older homes where carpet has covered the hardwood for many years, there is usually enough wear layer to sand it at least one more time.

The pictures how the process from weaving in the new wood, sanding the floor, puttying the floor to fill gaps, staining the floor, and applying the finish. The homeowners chose Bona Jacobean as their stain color. In the picture the finish is still wet. When it dries it will be a satin finish, not glossy.

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