W Yellowstone Cabin Refinish

Gordon traveled up to West Yellowstone, Montana, to refinish a rental cabin floor that had been hammered from years of use. There was some warping near the doors from water damage and the temperature fluctuations from the seasons up there have created some large gaps between the boards.

The cabin owner didn’t want to replace the floor, but had heard from his cousin what a good job Gordon had done on his own floor. He hired Gordon to sand and refinish this cabin based on the recommendation of his cousin.

This well-used rental cabin floor has some deep scratches.

These scratches were probably made by furniture.

The entire floor had been water damaged, and the Red Oak planks have shrunk in many places, leaving large gaps between the planks. The owners didn’t want to replace the floor, so we used putty to fill in the gaps. Very rarely, do we have to putty the floor twice, but the gaps were large enough on this floor that we had to do it.

Notice how the flooring buts up against the rock fireplace? We couldn’t get our sanders under the rocks, so we sanded those areas by hand.

Putty goes on brown, dries white.

A good example of the gaps in the flooring.

Once the putty is dry, we sand it off.

Second coat of putty going on.

The cabin owner went with the natural color of the hardwood. Picture is after first coat of finish.

Final picture of finished floor, after applying the last coat of finish, but before reinstalling the vent covers.


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