Refinishing Hardwood in Farmington, Utah

We’ve serviced Farmington and surrounding areas for 26+ years while in the business of refinishing hardwood and installation services. Farmington is a beautiful area and we enjoy helping the residents with their hardwood flooring needs. If you live in the Farmington area, we are close, and can give you a quick bid for hardwood installation services or hardwood refinishing.

Interesting facts about Farmington, Utah

Farmington was established in 1847 by the pioneers, but was originally named North Cottonwood. It became the Davis County seat in 1850.

Lagoon, the areas largest amusement park in Utah, was opened in 1986. It also boasts the second largest zoo in the state.

Farmington has some really great shopping and eating areas, most notably, Farmington Station. This strip mall was upgraded several years ago to house a mini-village of restaurants, shopping, and a theater. It also has a playground and park in the center. Our favorite place in Farmington Station is Sushi Monster.

Approximately 23,000 people call Farmington home. With Farmington growing, the city has been hard at work building additional overpasses and better driving routes to the schools and shopping on the west side of the city.