Refinishing Hardwood in Holladay, Utah

We service all areas of the Salt Lake Valley including Holladay, Utah. Holladay has some great older homes with original hardwood that may need to be refinished, but also has some newer neighborhoods the might need hardwood installations.

Check out some of the refinish projects we’ve completed in the Holladay area:

Water Damage Repair & Refinish in Holladay

Interesting facts about Holladay, Utah

The pioneer group known as the Mississippi Company were led by John Holladay. This town just southeast of downtown Salt Lake City was named after him.

Although the area was settled in 1847, the town wasn’t incorporated until 1999.

Holladay has a population of about 30,000. The area is more upscale than some of the other Salt Lake Suburbs and it’s municipal and commercial buildings reflect that.

Neighborhoods that border Holladay include Millcreek, Cottonwood Heights and Mt. Olympus.

Holladay is very close to the canyon and isn’t far from recreational areas like Park City.