Refinishing Hardwood in Millcreek, Utah

We service all areas of the Salt Lake Valley including Millcreek, Utah. We also do a lot of hardwood refinishing in Mt. Olympus area as well as Millcreek’s west side. The neighborhoods have really great original homes with hardwood. Many new area homeowners are adding to what they already have or installing hardwood in homes that didn’t have any.

With the east Millcreek area being quite upscale, adding hardwood just raises the home values even more in that area.

Check out some of the refinish projects we’ve completed in the Millcreek area:

Red Oak Hardwood Installation in Millcreek

Interesting facts about Millcreek, Utah

The Millcreek area was first settled by Mary Fielding Smith and her children in 1848.

Millcreek area was finally incorporated in 2016, after some unsuccessful votes by residents in previous years.

The 2020 census showed that Millcreek now has a population of 63,000 making it one of the largest cities in Utah.

Millcreek is bordered by South Salt Lake on the north and Murray and Holladay on the south. Although most residents use Salt Lake City as their address, they can also use Millcreek as their city for mailing purposes.

According to residents, the Millcreek schools are wonderful, the people are friendly and the shopping is close.