About Us

Gordon Grotepas

Gordon was born and raised in Woods Cross, Utah. In his teens and after his mission, he worked for Linford Glass as well as for his brother’s hardwood floor company. After three years, he decided to work for himself. That was 27+ years ago, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Gordon prides himself on work well done. He is somewhat of a perfectionist and makes sure every floor he touches ends up being a work of art. Gordon doesn’t cut corners or use inferior products. He won’t sell you something you don’t need and he won’t install flooring on an ill-prepared sub-floor. He’ll go out of his way even if it means spending an additional five hours shaving down concrete or hand-sanding under the rocks of your fireplace.

When Gordon isn’t working, you can find him fishing or waterskiing in the summer and watching hockey or snowmobiling in the winter.