Gordon came out to give us an estimate to refinish our existing 900+ square ft of #1 4 inch red oak and install about 400 square ft more in three bedrooms and closets. After agreement, he brought all the new wood bundles over and they acclimated for about 3 weeks. On starting day, Gordon and Trent came and we walked the job and discussed the plan. Trent was there around 8 am every working day. Gordon was in contact via text anytime I wanted him. Trent is the ultimate craftsman. His attention to detail is impeccable! His suggestions and professional insights made the job. Even after some last minute scope changes/additions the price was under the other quotes received. We finished it in Clear with Bona NaturSeal. How did it turn out? In a word, STUNNING! We couldn’t be happier with the results. And the compliments from those seeing for the first time are all superlatives! I highly recommend The Hardwood Guys! Thank you Trent and Gordon and crew!