Hardwood Floor Repair

As part of the sand & refinishing process, Hardwood Floor Guys can repair water damage, dents, gaps, and other damage in the hardwood by either sanding it out or replacing boards. For water damage, the boards must first be completely dry. We can measure the floor’s moisture level and make recommendations on when the floor can be sanded.

The image shows a floor that was damaged due to the radiant heating being punctured by the carpet installer’s nail gun. It raised the plank above the floor three inches and broke the tongue and groove. We had to replace about half the entryway that was damaged. Luckily, the homeowner had just refinished her floor six month’s prior, so her stain/finish hadn’t faded. We were able to match it very well.

Please note, we don’t usually repair a floor without also sanding and refinishing it. We cannot sand down or replace a few boards without making that part look new again. The rest of the floor will look old and worn out compared to one spot that’s been resanded and refinished. Plan to do schedule repairs at the same time you are ready to refinish the entire floor.

For severe water damage and other problems where its gone too far into the wood, we may only be able to minimize the obvious areas. This type of damage might include hardwood sunburn from too much direct light and heat or pet urine acid discoloring the wood. In any case, we will offer options and suggestions that hopefully will restore your flooring back to its optimal state.

Laminate Floor Repair

For laminate and vinyl planking repair, we can cut out the damaged boards and replace them with new planking. (Always keep any extras from your install as replacements.) When we replace boards, we have to cut the tongue and groove off to get the boards in. Therefore, new boards will need to be glued in instead of floated. If the original floor is already glued it, it will take more effort and time to get the original boards out, but it can still be done.

The homeowner dropped her large mixer on her laminate flooring. We removed the two boards that were dented.

We glued in the boards after cutting off the tongue and groove. You can see the new boards are a bit lighter than the originals. This is due to wear and dirt on the original boards. The discoloration will diminish over time.

If you do not have extra planking, a good source is Floor & Decor. They have many brands, styles and colors so hopefully you can find something that matches. Most manufactures discontinue plank styles every 3-5 years, so you may not be able to find an exact match.