Hardwood Floor Guys are the experts of  hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood  installation, and repair. We have been installing and refinishing hardwood floors in Utah for the last 26 years. We service all Northern Utah including Davis, Salt Lake City, Weber, Cache, Box Elder, Wasatch, Uintah, Utah and Tooele counties.

In addition to working with classic hardwood, we also install, refinish and repair engineered hardwoods, and install and repair vinyl and laminate planks.

We are Gephardt Approved and the only hardwood flooring company along the Wasatch Front that has gone through the rigorous investigation and background checks to be approved by Bill Gephardt!

Gephardt Approved


Hardwood floors are installed with the intention of keeping them for a lifetime. But about every eight to ten years, hardwood floors will need to be sanded and refinished. To keep them looking better for longer, homeowners can also plan to recoat their floors every four to six years. 


Hardwood flooring is fast becoming the favorite floor install. Hardwood flooring has a lifetime benefit with minimal upkeep and maintenance. The beauty of wood floors can’t be surpassed with colors and grains to compliment any home, decor, and feel.


As part of the sand & refinishing process or on it’s own, Hardwood Floor Guys can repair hardwood and laminate flooring. Depending on the type of flooring and the damage, we can offer options from removing & replacing the damaged board to sanding out the damage.


Maple Dance Floor Refinish in Centerville

Maple Dance Floor Refinish in Centerville

Last year we refinished their stage, but this year we refinished their dance floor. This old church cultural hall turned dance studio needed a full refinish. The previous refinish was done in the 80s and this floor had seen quite a few tap shoes since then. Gym floors...
Transition piece

Removing a Wall? Ideas for Your Hardwood Flooring

Recently we worked on a home in Bountiful. The new homeowners had removed a couple of walls to open up the floorplan. One wall removed was the full length, removing one of the bedrooms on the main level and turning it into a formal dining area. Both the bedroom and...
Ring Shank Example

What Are Ring Shanks?

Installing hardwood flooring is never easy. There are so many variables and things that could go wrong with equipment, product or the wood itself. Today I'm going to talk a little about ring shanks. Ring shanks are basically knots or ring patterns in the hardwood...
Subfloor Basics

Subflooring Basics

Not all subflooring is equal. In the case of this home, we removed the carpet and found a subfloor that was made from particle board. Particle board is not an adequate subfloor for hardwood flooring.

Help! My Hardwood Is Water Damaged.

It happens more often than you think. Your new refrigerator’s water line wasn’t installed correctly and it’s been leaking for a month behind your fridge. Or every time it rains water comes in under your back door and has been seeping down under the wood for the last two years. Or the dishwasher flooded while you were out of town and the water has been sitting on the wood for three days.

Stain Colors

One of the most exciting things about new hardwood floors or refinishing your existing hardwood floors is the fact that you can get a brand new color if your hear desires. Sand down to the natural color and leave it, lighten it up, darken it down, or do something in...

Is All Hardwood Really Hard?

When we set our sites on installing new hardwood floors, or move into a home with hardwood installed, we automatically think these floors are tough as nails. They will be able to take anything we can throw at them (or drop on them, or roll on them, or scrape them...
Sanding & Refinishing Maple Hardwood

The Basics of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Know what steps are taken to achieve a professional look…

Engineered Hardwood vs. Regular Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood vs. Regular Hardwood

As Engineered hardwood is becoming more popular, it’s important to understand the differences and be able to know when to use engineered hardwood over authentic hardwood.