Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring is fast becoming the favorite floor install. Hardwood flooring has a lifetime benefit with minimal upkeep and maintenance. The beauty of wood floors can’t be surpassed with colors and grains to compliment any home, decor, and feel.

Whether you like a traditional or contemporary look, there is a hardwood floor to compliment both your style and your pocketbook. From the richer essence of walnut and mahogany to the lighter oak and maple, you are sure to find the right hardwood type for you. Want to match or contrast with your cabinets? We have an abundance of stains that we can custom match to your specifications.

Wood Installation Process

Before we can install your hardwood, we come and hand measure your space for an accurate square footage. We also inspect your current floor and/or sub-floor to identify any conditions that need to be addressed prior to installation.  By doing these two things, we can give you the closest possible estimate for your project.

Hickory Hardwood Installation in Tremonton

If you haven’t already decided on the type of hardwood and stain color, we offer visual options so you can see exactly what different styles and colors would look great in your space and fit within your budget.

Once you choose your flooring and determine an installation date, we get to work! Most of the hardwoods need time to acclimate. We make sure your hardwood is delivered in plenty of time to give it a chance to expand and contract according to your home’s humidity level. Don’t rush this process, especially for the harder woods. Installing certain wood types too quickly, will open the opportunity for the wood to contract, leaving unsightly gaps that cannot be fixed easily. If your install is on a tight schedule, we can recommend hardwood types that change very little and can be installed immediately with little to no worry about gaps.

Red Oak Installation in Mantua, Utah

Once the wood is installed, we stain (if desired) and apply the finish. Be prepared to give the finish time to ventilate from your home. Even the most benign of finishes can take up to 24 hours to dissipate.

Laminates & Pre-Finished Hardwood Installation in Salt Lake

Pre-Finished hardwood and laminates, as well as vinyl, are already finished. There is no additional application or labor needed after installation. So, these types of flooring are great if you are on a time crunch or can’t leave your home to allow the ventilation applying a finish requires.

Quality Workmanship & Materials

There are a lot of hardwood floor brands out there and just like anything else, they are not created equal. In searching for the right hardwood flooring, make sure the boards are consistent in size, thickness, and grain. But, most importantly, make sure the boards are level, with no warping or uneven cutting. Only the best brands offer consistency that we require to maintain quality workmanship.

Don’t they always say that the workmanship is only as good as the materials used? We don’t skimp on quality materials because inferior materials makes our job harder. There is nothing worse than trying to fit a wavy board on a flat sub-floor. It just doesn’t work out well…ever. If you choose to purchase your own hardwood, please ask someone who installs wood professionally to give you their opinion on your chosen brand. The amount you would save on an inferior product, would cost you twice as much in installation labor.

We only offer the highest quality materials because your home with worth it! And our workmanship is second to none. We are meticulous with our work. Each and every project is unique and different, but we pour our heart and soul into each install like it was our own floor.

Whether its hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate or vinyl, Hardwood Floor Guys are the installation experts to call in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas.