Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are installed with the intention of keeping them for a lifetime. However, as with any item that you want it to last, there is some maintenance and upkeep involved. Luckily, hardwood floors are easy to manage.

Keep your hardwood floors clean from dust, food, and liquids. Clean up any spills promptly so moisture doesn’t absorb into the finish and cause warping or cupping.

As your hardwood floors age and see use, you will have scratches and dents, marks where the finish has been removed by chairs or foot traffic, and an overall dulling of the finish. To keep your wood flooring in top shape, when you start to see wear, it’s time to either recoat or refinish your floor.

Maple hardwood refinishing project. The finish is still wet.

Compared to replacing your floor, refinishing is simple and cost-effective. It’s like getting a new floor for a fraction of the price. It will take anywhere from one to four days to complete a refinish, depending on the square footage. And it will require some furniture rearrangement and a little dust, but we try to minimize any discomfort in the process.

Speaking of dust, we contain it with vacuums attached to all our sanders, large and small. No worries about having to clean afterwards due to dust particles wafting through your home.

Perfect Time to Change the Look

During the refinishing process, we sand the hardwood down to the natural color. It’s a great time to change the whole look of your room with some darker or lighter stain, or just leave it natural this time.

It’s also a perfect time to add hardwood flooring. Thinking about expanding down that hallway? Or removing the carpet in the office? Want to remove that wall and weave in the new wood with the old? We can install new hardwood and stain the old and the new so it looks like it was installed at the same time.

The homeowner extended their kitchen. Can you tell where we weaved in the new wood?

The homeowner extended their kitchen. Can you tell where we weaved in the new wood?

Professional Refinishing in Historic Utah

Hardwood Floor Guys are experts in refinishing and restoring hardwood floors. We have extensive experience with the 1/2″ x 2″ old hardwood that charms the cottages & bungalows in the Avenues and Sugarhouse districts. They don’t make them like they used to, so to keep your flooring looking like the historic showpiece that it is, plan to recoat (maintenance coat) every 3-6 years. By doing a recoat, you save money, extend the life of your floor and keep it looking newer for longer.

Hardwood Floor Guys refinishes floors up and down the Wasatch Front. When you are ready to refinish and/or recoat your hardwood floor, contact us. We can show you how cost-effective and beautiful it can be.

Maple hardwood refinishing project. The finish is still wet.