Install Red Oak Hardwood in Millcreek

A young couple bought a small bungalow in Millcreek and wanted to refinish the original hardwood floors. The kitchen floor had been covered with linoleum, then had a bamboo flooring over it. The hallway had hardwood as well, but it was severely worn.

Once we started pulling up the bamboo and linoleum in the kitchen we found the linoleum was glued to the hardwood. This made it impossible to remove without damaging the hardwood underneath. With the hallway hardwood being so worn, the homeowners decided to just install new hardwood over the old and add hardwood to the living room and bedrooms on that floor. They chose 1/2″x 2″ Red Oak hardwood planks to keep it as close to the original style as possible, but chose to go natural rather than the original very dark-stained hardwood they had.

In addition to installing all new hardwood we also installed a new tread and risers to the step to their back door. It had seen better days.

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