Sanding Concrete Video

On this laminate installation in Woods Cross, the concrete needed to be sanded down in many areas in order for this laminate to lay correctly. If the concrete or sub-floor is uneven, laminates will bend, move, and squeak. We use a vacuum attached to the grinder to minimize concrete dust.


If you plan to have laminate or vinyl planks installed in your basement or other concrete areas, keep in mind a few things.

  • The concrete must be completely level.
  • For dips in the concrete, leveling agents can be poured to fill in the valleys.
  • For hills in the concrete, it must be sanded down.
  • If there is carpet or other flooring covering the concrete when we come to measure and give the estimate, we won’t be able to correctly assess how much leveling the concrete might need. Even if the flooring is removed, it’s hard to visually see the hills and valleys in the concrete and pre-determine the amount of time it would take to level it out. Therefore, we usually quote an hourly rate for any time spent leveling areas of concrete.
  • Always plan to include in your budget some funds to level the concrete. Then you will be pleasantly surprised when you don’t need to, rather than disappointed in going over budget.

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