Screwed-Down Hardwood in Sugarhouse

Our client had just bought a home near Liberty Park and wanted to remove the carpet and refinish the original maple hardwood. Unfortunately, when we pulled up the carpet, we found screws. A previous owner screwed-down the hardwood to stop squeaking boards before they laid the carpet.

Screwed-Down Hardwood

When we pulled up the carpet we found the hardwood had been screwed down.

We may be good, but we can’t make screw holes suddenly disappear. The hardwood is ruined and the owner had no choice but to change directions.

We could do nothing about the screw holes in the original hardwood.

We installed new Maple over the existing Maple and it turned out beautifully.

Installed new hardwood over old

We installed new hardwood over old.

Finished Oak

The homeowner loved the new hardwood.

Although disappointed she couldn’t restore the original hardwood in her home, she was thrilled with the finished product.

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