Hardwood Restoration in Layton, Utah

We service a lot of homes in Southern Davis County including Layton, Utah. Layton has some great neighborhoods with many homes having original hardwood floors. There are also many new neighborhoods popping up that offer hardwood options. We are happy that Layton residents trust us with their hardwood flooring needs.

Check out some of the refinish projects we’ve completed in the Layton area:

Laminate Repair in Layton

Curved Stair Refinish in Layton

Interesting facts about Layton, Utah

Layton was originally part of the Kaysville incorporation, but later decided to create its own city. There was an ensuing legal dispute and the town was finally incorporated in 1920.

Layton is larger than Kaysville now with a population of around 75,000 residents.

Layton borders Kaysville on the south, Syracuse on the west and Clearfield to the north.

Layton has some great shopping venues including the Layton Hills Mall and several furniture stores right off the freeway.